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Oly Talks: civics matters


When John Kennedy Jr. started his magazine, George, he said that he did it because politics is too important to be left to politicians. Nearly 20 years after his death, that message resonates more than ever. 

While the national conversation degenerates into shouting matches, tragic policy and polarizing news coverage we want to focus on something very simple: civic discourse. Local government, policy, and activity impact our lives in Olympia in profound ways every day. Amidst all of the noise, we're excited to focus on local civic life to get a better understanding of what unites Olympians, what divides us and what we can do together to build and strengthen our community. 

Civics matters. It matters in more ways than we usually think about. Especially when everyone gets on board for local kids, to ease the burdens of homelessness, and to fight injustice. These are three topics we jump into right off the bat, but we'd also like to hear from you. 

OlyTalks is hosted by Emma Margraf and Jim Cooper, in conversation with civic leaders and activists at Emma’s dining room table, because the dining room table is where most good conversations are had
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Emma Margraf is a writer, communications strategist, and former foster parent and advocate for children. She lives in northeast Olympia with her cat Yara and hopes to get back out paddle boarding soon.

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Jim Cooper is a city councilmember, nonprofit executive and community organizer. He lives in southeast Olympia with his wife, daughter, and dog Rusty and loves to spend summer weekends camping in his travel trailer. 

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